Weekly Journal | Entry No. 2

We had to say goodby to Blackberry yesterday – the last of our original 6 girls that we brought into our lives in 2014. At 8 1/2 years old, her age finally caught up with her. No longer able to stand up, she struggled to get food and water. Often times she would lie down with her feet sprawled out behind her. A curious site to see, but also one that brought tears to our eyes. We knew her time was almost here.

We did our best to make her comfortable, bringing special food and water to her and helping with chicken exercises. But this past week it was obvious she was in pain. Usually limited to a small, sweet whistling sound, she screamed in pain when we tried to stand her up. It was time. The idea of mercifully culling her ourselves wasn’t doable so we called the vet and scheduled the appointment. I’m so sad she’s no longer a part of our flock. I will miss her dearly.