Braces, Job Changes and Chickens, Oh My!


If you are one of my few followers (thank you!) you may be wondering why things have been quite this week.

Well, some weeks just go by at such a speed that only a blur of memory remains. This week has been one of those.

It started with reading an email Monday morning requesting an interview for a job I applied for – at noon that same day. I had been out on Friday and missed the email. So with no time to prep or even change clothes, I went in. Two hours later I was called back and offered the position.

That was Monday.

On Tuesday I went into the orthodontist, finally convinced by my husband and dentist  I should take the dive and get braces. I have overcrowded teeth and an issue with my lower canines pushing out of the bone. Except a curve ball was tossed at me. Instead of slenderizing my teeth as originally planned, they’re opinion is that I should remove four teeth – increasing my treatment time from 1.5 years to 2 and adding an additional $1,000 to my cost. Ouch. I hadn’t planned on turning 30 with braces on. But, that’s life! On top of it the ortho sent me home with a “goody bag” of free samples and stuff to take care of said new braces. From a zero waste perspective, the bag was filled with a pile of disposable plastic crap. If I wasn’t in so much pain I would have protested. I must admit though, I’m really glad they gave me some dental wax – even if it comes in a plastic container.

On Wednesday my official job offer came through. This meant meeting with my current manager – with new braces on – and sharing the news. I like to think I’m a tough person, but for some reason career discussions shake me up. It didn’t help that at this point my lips were sore from the metal jabbing into them and I haven’t yet overcome the lisp (I can’t even freaken whistle anymore).

Thursday brought the conclusion to some of the madness. I accepted the offer to the new position – while it’s still full time, it sounds like a more stable position with more schedule flexibility and a better work-life balance. Crossing fingers.

So here I am Friday. Excited to be opening a new chapter in my career. And really sore and unhappy with these stupid braces. I’m surprised the CIA hasn’t implored braces as a torture technique. Really, these things hurt!

The braces also brought my raw diet to a screeching halt. With such tender teeth, I’ve been sustaining myself with smoothies and miso soup. If you’re looking for a full proof diet – get braces. Its worked better than my recent juice fast. I’ve lost two pounds since Tuesday quite unintentionally. It just hurts so much to eat, that my mouth is currently winning the battle over my stomach.

The only thing that has remained constant is my chickens. It’s quite funny how these creatures add stability and order to ones life. No matter how hectic or crazy things get, the chickens are there. And they don’t care about your problems. They just want their treats and some fresh bedding. They remind me to remember the simple things.

Because it’s the simple things that matter, right?

Photo Credit: “Toothbrush flies Rocketship” is copyright (c) 2007 Arianne and made available under creative commons 2.0