They’re Baaack! | The Chickadees Return

Do you remember the post last year about the plight of the chickadees that made their home in a not-so-structurally-sound stump in our side yard? Or perhaps the subsequent post about when they fledged? Well, as cute as they were, I was elated when they flew away safe. For weeks I fretted over cats, crows and all sorts of lurking dangers that could turn the cute baby birds into a cute little snack.

Well, they’re back. Apparently we did too well of a job helping them. And next thing you know I noticed the tell-tale signs of sawdust on my roses from little chickadee daddies and mommies excavating the other side of the stump. Why, little bird, oh why? 

Since then I’ve confirmed another batch of baby birds are making the stump their nursery. Mommy and daddy chickadee are constantly hovering, feeding and tending their chicks while guarding from any would-be predators.

Perhaps the most amusing sight I’ve seen in some time was when a squirrel unknowingly entered their territory and tried to drink water form the bird bath perched on top of the stump.  Mommy bird dove like a fighter jet and hit that squirrel square on it’s rump. The squirrel seemed to think a cat had it’s tail as it leapt three feet in the air and landed in the grass. But that initial strike was just the beginning. This time mommy and daddy performed coordinated attacks, taking turns striking and yelling at the squirrel. Once the poor creature had high-tailed it out of the bombing zone mommy chickadee landed on the nearby fence, furiously panting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bird more angry. 

Oh, if only I had my camera with me at the time!