Squirrel Antics

There are few creatures that bring me more entertainment than squirrels. They are curious, gregarious, sometimes idiotic beings. Squirrel antics are right up there in entertainment value with my hens. Though pissed-off hummingbirds still hold their place at no. 1.

I’ve heard squirrels called “rats with furry tails”. And we’ve had to chase them off our strawberries more than once. We even encountered the most adorable baby squirrel only to have it go Kujo on us and try to bite Todd’s face off (I can’t make this up). At one point, a resident squirrel earned the nickname “bat squirrel” because she liked to hang upside down by her toes to harvest hazelnuts.

So when we heard the security camera go off, we weren’t too surprised to discover it wasn’t a trespasser, but a squirrel caught on tape. And a persistent squirrel at that. This squirrel found our new bird feeder and was on a mission to master it. Today I wanted to share my top two videos. Because I’m pretty sure it’s a crime not to share entertainment like this!

In Round 1: Our squirrel learns a lesson in back flips!

After our squirrel recovered from the crash, she returned to the feeder – apparently with a new trick she learnt from experience.

Round 2: Our squirrel seems to have learnt her lesson and manages to escape another crash this time.

Our squirrel still seems a little embarrassed by her lack of grace, but at least this time she recovered!

I don’ know about you, but I never grow bored of squirrel antics!