Save Tall Chief | Vote Organic

Seattle Tilth is a local non-profit that provides community education, preserves organic farmland and offers children programs – just to name a few things they do. In the past I’ve volunteered with Seattle Tilth and have always been impressed with devotion and mission of them. If you are committed to organic agriculture, please consider signing their petition linked below:

Please help save Tall Chief, past site of the Tall Chief golf course which was slated to be sold for a housing development. King County stepped in and purchased the property, seeing it’s unique and invaluable worth as vanishing farmland in the Snoqualmie valley. The county is now about to sell the property to a large, non-organic, confinement dairy farm they found a more fitting recipient than Seattle Tilth, who made an dynamic offer to incorporate Tall Chief into their program of providing food and farmers for the future. If you support the wealth of benefits Seattle Tilth provides to our region, please look at our petition and if you agree Seattle Tilth is a better choice, please sign, which will promptly send an email to the King County Council. A potential vote finalizing this sale could come up Thursday, Dec. 3 so please act right now.

Our sincere thanks,

Friends of Tall Chief


Photo Credit: Industrial Cow Milking Machine at Fair Oaks Farms Michael Kappel. Licensed under creative commons license 2.0