Raging Grannies Protest Against Shell Oil|My Heroes!

It’s not often that I read I story in a major newspaper that makes me grin. But this surely tops my best news story of the year list. Five “Raging Grannies” as they call themselves chained themselves together and used “sleeping dragons” to bound their arms together at the Port of Seattle.

Why you ask?

Because the Emerald City itself has allowed petroleum giant Shell Oil to park a exploratory oil drilling rig bound for the arctic in our very own waters. For all it’s green wash, Seattle has fallen flat when it comes to standing up for the environmental values that it often is caught espousing about.

The five grannies were of course arrested. But I applaud them for standing up for their beliefs. The eldest of the group was 92. 90-freaken-two! How awesome is that?

To read the full story in the Seattle Times, click here.