Juice Fast Report | Days 6, 7 & 8


As we wrap up or juice fast, my husband and noticed something. We haven’t quite got out all the gunk. My husband especially feels that we could go even longer! However, the costs of the quantity of organic produce we would need is proving a barrier. We decided, instead, that we’ll cap off our juice fast with at least a week of a raw food diet, followed by a very healthy diet for a month and at least one day a week of all juice to see if that keeps up the detox action. If not, we may try another round next month.

The good news is I do feel we “reset”. Instead of craving a hamburger, I’m looking forward to carrot sticks and cashew dip (no, really, I am). We also learned replacements for some of our not-so-healthy food items. Instead of wine and kombucha we replaced it with blueberry juice and kombucha. And instead of hot hemp milk-honey-cream liqueur lattes we made raw cashew milk and raw cocoa powder cold lattes with only one shot of espresso. We even replaced our nightly popcorn fix with fresh veggie juice gently heated.

My hope is that these new healthy habits will continue. The idea is not to starve or deprive ourselves, but to find healthy alternatives that not only taste good, but help us to feel good as well. Kate Moss may have said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” but I say nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.


Photo Credit: “Vegetables” is copyright (c) 2013Sonny Abesamis and made available under creative commons 2.0