American Bresse Availability Update

If you’ve been interested in American Bresse chicks or hatching eggs, good news! We recently doubled our breeding flock and our processing time is now only 1-2 weeks for hatching eggs and 3-4 weeks for chicks. We do not keep chicks on hand to ship. Instead, we incubate them especially for you once you place an order.

The other good news? We now have a bulk order agreement with Scratch & Peck feeds (all-organic, premium feed we use for all of our flock). This has reduced our operational cost, which has allowed us to return to $15 per American Bresse chick and $5 per hatching egg. Yay!

Humblebee farms is now hatching 3rd generation American Bresse. In just a short time we’ve seen a marked improvement across our flock. We continue to focus primarily on health and vigor. But conformation continues to improve, too. Primarily we are selecting for bright, glossy white feathers, cherry-red combs and wattles, and a medium-large body size.

While Humblebee farms is (and will remain!) a micro hatchery focused on providing quality AB stock to homesteaders and backyard enthusiasts alike, we are also excited to announce that we’ve implemented clan breeding. What does this mean? Well, instead of just one breeding flock, we now have three. This means hatching eggs and chicks will come from 3 roosters, instead of just one. And all three of our roosters are top quality!

If you are curious to learn more about these remarkable dual purpose chickens, I encourage you to check out This breed continues to prove itself as a the ideal homestead chicken. Providing both abundant large eggs, as well as quality meat without the issues that come with raising meat breeds like cornish-cross.

One thing to note, roosters are quite a bit larger than hens. Over time, we hope to increase the size of hens, too. However, we’ve noted that the largest size hens tend to have health issues that are undesirable. For this reason, we focus on breeding medium-medium large hens currently.

If you have any questions about Humblebee Farms or American Bresse, please contact us anytime at