Juice Fast Report | Day One

Feb 23rd


Day one was surprisingly easy going for the most part. Thanks to all the prep work I did on Saturday, it was simple to pick a juice off the menu I created, grab the fruit and veggies I needed and run them through the juicer.

I did suffer the occasional flare up of a headache. But this was to be expected. I rubbed some migraine relief essential oil on my temples and neck and a half hour I was feeling better. My husband, however, was quite annoyed when he realized that popcorn is not on the menu. The conversation went something like this: him – I can still have popcorn, right? Me – um, no. Him – if I juice the popcorn can I have it? Me – rolling my eyes. Him – you need to figure out a juice recipe that tastes like popcorn. Me – walking away shaking my head, while secretly trying to figure out how I can make such a juice.

Overall, we both had some ups and downs in energy, but didn’t suffer much from hunger pains. As long as you keep drinking you won’t feel them! Since it was such a nice sunny day I opened all the windows and dusted, vacuumed and changed our bedding. The outside air smelled wonderful. One thing I forgot, is that while I fast smells become more intense. I’m not sure if it’s some resurrection of a primal instinct to sniff out food or what. But it was lovely taking in the smells of the outdoor air.

I did make some “Fresh Vegetable Broth”, also from Julie Morris’s juice book (if you haven’t figured it out, this is pretty much my bible during juice fast week), and heated it oh so gently so that we had a kind of sippable warm soup for dinner while we sat down and watched a movie. It was deeply satisfying and may have to be brought into circulation with our regular recipes when the fast is over.

I was originally concerned that juicing for two would be overwhelming. In fact, it has forced me to be more organized. For the work week, we agreed to wake up a half hour early in order to have time to juice all the juice needed. Last night I bagged up all the produce I needed for the two batches of juice I was making – that way I could just grab the bags and start juicing. We also made two jars of berry juice using the freeze thaw method from Julie Morris’s book Superfood Juices in order to add to our options. Last, we made a large batch of cashew milk from scratch. The cashew milk is wonderfully creamy and I realized would taste great with some berry juice in it.

The chickens are benefiting from all this juicing too. Lots of juicing means lots of pulp. I’m starting to wonder if a chicken will explode if they have too much pulp! But I’m loathe to throw it in the compost pile.

So after day one, things are going pretty smoothly. We’ll see if the trend continues as we enter day two and three, as well our first day fasting while at work.

Stay tuned!