The Juice Fast | Your Reset Button

Feb 19th


For the past two years I have gone on a 1 week juice fast. The fast consists of consuming nothing more than fresh pressed juice and home-made nut milk. I started this ritual a couple of years ago when regardless of the dietary changes I had made (were talking some extreme healthy eating here folks) I was still feeling sluggish and my weight was creeping up. Now, I’m naturally pretty thin (I know, I know, then why am I whining about weight?), but I have an “optimal” weight where I feel healthy. My clothes fit, my skin looks better, I have more energy and I just feel my best. When my weight shifts above (or even below) this weight, I just don’t feel right.

Before I started my first juice fast I researched A LOT. I read articles, reviews, watched movies (hello Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead) and discussed it with my doctor. When I started my fast I was prepared with an arsenal of juice recipes and a pretty good idea of what it would be like.

Even then I was surprised. Not surprised by how difficult it was – no, I was expecting that – but how much better I felt. The first couple of days were hell. I was constantly hungry, grumpy and on edge. But on day three things started to shift. My hunger pains went away. I developed a rhythm that was manageable and on about day 5 I started experiencing a sense of clarity I hadn’t felt in a while. I didn’t feel sluggish – I felt energized. It was like I had hit the reset button.

Sure, the pounds shed away. But the real benefit was how I felt. I was lighter (both mind and body) and when I did end my fast my sugar cravings and habit of stress eating was broken. Through continued healthy eating and exercise I maintained my optimal weight – until the next holiday season anyways :o)

So, starting tomorrow I’ll share my experience with you. I’ve already begun prepping by eating only whole foods and smoothies. Friday and Saturday I’ll shift over to only smoothies and Sunday I’ll take the plunge for a 7 day juice fast. To add to the adventure, my husband has decided to join me for the first time (I’ll see if I can convince him to offer his two cents on his experience).

While I don’t advocate a juice fast as the best option for everyone (certainly not if your only goal is to lose weight) I do think it is another tool in the toolbox for achieving optimal health and well being.

Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: “Juice” is copyright (c) 2010  Erik Forsburg and made available under creative commons 2.0