Ye Old Egg Sucking Dog

Sep 23rd

You’ve all heard about an egg sucking dog. But what about a tomato sucking one?

My dog Astor is a 14 year old bichon frise. I’ve had him since he was a puppy. Even though he’s old don’t tell him old dogs can’t learn new tricks!

He’s long had a curious habit of loving fruit. Don’t give him a milk bone – he will just turn his snout up at it, but dangle a slice  of apple or perhaps half a banana? Now you’re talking his language!

Last week my strawberries finally gave up the ghost. Astor was devastated. So I gave him one of the cherry tomatoes from the garden.

Little did I know I had created a monster. Astor can now be found lurking through the jungle (that is my waning, overgrown garden) – seeking out his new favorite snack. The telltale signs evident by his soil stained nose and dirty paws. This isn’t exactly a new trick. He’s been known to oh-so gently nibble blackberries right off the vine – carefully avoiding those prickly things known as thorns. But tomatoes are an entirely new target.

But what’s a gal going to do when her garden pest is this cute?

Ah well. At least he’s not after the romas.