Nest Box Woes

Jun 18th

There’s a bit of hen house trouble in our coop. Our girls are having some problems learning to share. We have six chickens and six nest boxes. So you would think there shouldn’t be any conflict over where a gal is going to lay an egg.


Our girls have developed a “habit”. Wherever the first egg is laid in a day – all the other girls want to lay their egg in the exact same nest box. Never mind the 5 other boxes sitting there empty!

This, luckily, has led to only a couple of egg casualties from accidental stomping. More often, however, tiffs break out between the girls. When one girl’s time is up or the next hen in line gets impatient,  the waiting hen will try to shove out the incumbent, or as shown in these photos, simply climb right on top of of the other gal.

Chickens In Nest Box

I’ve even seen a line form with 2 or 3 hens waiting patiently for the other to wrap things up!

For now, I enjoy the antics as another amusing personality trait of my gals. But I will monitor closely to ensure it doesn’t turn into full-on hen wars.