Chipotle Mexican Grill Says “G-M-OVER-IT”

Apr 28th

042715_chipotle_gmo While my husband and I gave up fast food years ago, we were impressed to hear that Chipotle Mexican Grill has announced it is removing GMO ingredients from most of its menu. Calling it “Food with Integrity” and flashing a catchy phrase “G-M-OVER IT” the move may be indicative of the growing reality facing fast food chains around the country: that American’s, despite Monsanto’s best efforts to convince us otherwise, recognize that GMO’s pose a threat to our health and our environment. In response, fast food chains like McDonald’s’ are scrambling to re-brand themselves to attract those customers that are walking away from questionable food ingredients.

While Chipotle’s move is big in the world of fast food and chain restaurants, it admits it hasn’t completely removed all GMO from its menu. Soft drinks, often containing corn syrup and meat from grain-fed animals remain at risk for containing GMO. Regardless, I think the move is commemorable. According to an article from RT here about Chipotle’s move, 93% of all corn grown in the U.S. in 2014 were GMO. If large scale chains continue this trend, we might actually see a decline in future GMO crops.

At least we can hope.