Chickens & Snow

Dec 11th

We had our first snow fall in Seattle the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was bitterly cold, but the sun came out and the girls were itching for some free time.

Since starting our chicken adventure a little over six months ago we’ve been surprised and delighted by the unanticipated pure fun of owning chickens. Each gal has her own personality and has settled in as another member of our family. While we intend to raise chickens for meat in the future, this batch of chickens we decided would be pets. In part, because we want mom to be involved, and in part because we had to hand raise them in a back room of our house for the first month of their life since we live in the city and don’t have a shed to put baby chicks.

While there wasn’t much snow, the girls were intrigued and took turns scratching at it before deciding bug-filled dirt was much better.


Bloomer bum


Scratching for bugs


Yes, I’m a pretty girl


I’ll show you who can strut


Can I have my yard back?


Ooooh, this grass feels good between the toes!